After I graduated with a degree in psychology from the University of North Texas I moved from Texas to Los Angeles to New York to find the next exciting thing. When in New York, a friend who is a makeup artist for television, video, and film invited me to assist her and learn the trade. There seemed to be a shortage of dependable, talented, balanced people in the filed of production makeup and hair. For two years I worked between Maryse Felix and few Manhattan salons to perfect my style and speed. Like many New Yorkers I relocated to Los Angeles because the industry is thick with opportunities in every medium of production work. 

I have worked repeatedly in them all doing both hair and makeup for television, film, commercials, music videos, short films, print, celebrity clients, corporate videos and promos. I am a production friendly department head known specifically from grooming, beauty for mature women, tattoos, and creating effects. My philosophy is to make actors feel comfortable with the character look created through my collaboration with the director. I like natural, even when I have a created a highly stylized look it will be soft, not hard and distracting. Oh yeah, and I am fast! 

I started a vocational program to teach makeup artistry at the Jacaranda Foundation in Malawi. I wanted to teach the children a skill that they could earn money to help feed their families. For more information check out the Jacaranda Foundation